Facebook – are you ‘box-ticking’ or maximising its potential?

It is no secret that here at Kilted Social Media, our favorite platform is Facebook. The majority of (b2c) businesses can use Facebook to their benefit and built a strong online following. Facebook is by default the platform that we visit first when speaking to or approaching prospective clients. The problem with Facebook is that 60% of the UK’s population have Facebook, from your Grandma to your friends’ dog, this platform is everywhere. This makes our job difficult as everyone knows a Facebook ‘expert’ (self-proclaimed). On a daily basis, we speak to businesses – some of considerable size – who simply have Facebook because they know they should (box-ticking) but are not interested in what could happen if their Facebook was run properly. This is not just the case in the Highlands, Scotland or even the UK, we receive the same response in the USA!


Are you making the most of Facebook Insights?

Are you using Ads Manager (not just boosting posts)?

Are you using custom audiences?

Are you implementing a strategy?

Are you over/under-posting?

Are you ensuring all content is of a certain standard? Remember your Facebook page is a public showcase for your business.

We could go on…. If you have someone posting a few updates per week on your Facebook, this is NOT utilising the platform to its potential and unfortunately, you will get nothing back.

It takes us seconds to find out if a Facebook page is performing as it should so if you are unsure about your own Facebook page then get in touch.

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