Facebook Ads

The vast majority of our clients focus on Facebook for their paid advertising endeavours. This is due to several factors; a far more customisable experience, great opportunities from Facebook’s vast user network, and RESULTS! No other platform gets close.

If your business is on Facebook and you are not using their advertising platform, then you really must try it!

First, let’s clarify that we are not just referring to boosting a few posts straight from your Facebook page. We mean proper in-depth adverts built from the ground up through Ads Manager.  

Here are some key benefits to Facebook Advertising:

  • Organic or ‘free’ reach on Facebook is now well under 5%. A small spend will directly address this.
  • Without paid advertising, your page audience will not grow. With paid advertising, you will see consistent page growth, plus a vastly improved page reach. 
  • Adverts can feature a range of call-to-actions (CTA’s), including ‘shop now’, ‘learn more’ and ‘book now’.
  • Complete control of who your adverts are shown to with custom audiences.
  • Other audience tools such as ‘lookalike audiences’ are becoming increasingly effective.
  • Some of the more in-depth adverts allow re-targeting of your entire existing customer base across your website, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Extensive testing can (and should!) be carried out to establish the most effective ad formats, audiences and creative.

Instagram Paid Advertising

Facebook has worked hard to fully integrate Instagram into its paid advertising ecosystem. In particular, the last year has seen significant progress, with full integration with Facebook Ads Manager. 

This development means that you can now create Instagram adverts that are as detailed as Facebook adverts – previously the only option was to advertise directly on Instagram, with very limited targeting and formatting.

This is quite the game-changer as there are many businesses finding Instagram to be a very effective platform for them, and this really opens up options for them.

Sound complicated? That’s why we are here! The past 5 years have seen huge improvements in Facebook advertising; it is their biggest form of revenue after all.

These improvements do mean there is great potential for virtually any business, however, there is. a lot to get your head around. It has become increasingly common for us to provide dedicated paid advertising support to clients who are comfortable with their regular postings but want to ensure any direct ad spend is being spent in the most effective way.

If this sounds like a service that would benefit you then please get in touch!