Q. Why should I outsource my social media marketing to an external agency?

A. Experience, knowledge, cost savings over having an in-house member of staff, no holidays or sick days… there are numerous benefits to outsourcing your social media marketing!

Occasionally, a prospective client may be nervous about having someone represent their business who doesnt ‘know’ about the business. Well, we learn everything we need to know about your business. We pride ourselves in working closely with every client to ensure everything we post is relevant and accurate. We are here to provide support and direction for all digital activities and have a fantastic track record in doing so.

Q. Why does my business need a social media presence?

A. Over recent years there has been a huge shift from print to digital advertising. Younger generations are very active online and even older generations are realising the benefits to being active online – the 55+ generation is the fastest growing demographic on Facebook!

A strong social media presence will establish your business in the marketplace. There are two key benefits to this – reach out to potential new customers and engage your existing customers. If a customer follows you online then this is a brilliant way to remind them who you are, update them with offers, new products and so on.

If your customers are online, why aren’t you?

Q. Why do I need a larger online following?

A. A larger online following means a larger online audience, which in turn means more potential customers for you. Users will ‘like’ or ‘follow’ a business they are interested in. By posting relevant and engaging content we can remind this following who you are, why they like you and also incentivise them from time to time. Impress them enough and they can even become your brand ambassadors and mention you to their friends and family.

Q. I feel I am quite tech savvy but need some guidance.

A. If you are confident in your social media abilities and simply require a little direction then consultancy may be perfect for you. Alternatively, we have a fantastic training partner who will bring your skills right up to scratch. Please contact us for more information.

Q. Can you advise me on which social media platforms are best for my business?

A. Absolutely. We research what is or isn’t working for your competitors and advise. We will also have a good idea of which platforms will be best for you as the differences in user demographics on each platform are quite clearly defined.

creating regular content (how can you make that tie into my business?)

We learn what we can about your business – this is vital when representing a business publicly online. We pride ourselves in working closely with every client to ensure everything we post is relevant and accurate.

Q. Paid advertising. Why do I need it and what does it do?

A. Paid advertising is particularly beneficial on Facebook. This brilliant feature allows us to push your posts and updates out to a huge audience, featuring these posts in their newsfeeds. Without paid advertising, your updates will only be seen by those who already like your page. This means limited exposure for your business and a long road ahead. With paid advertising, however, we can get updates seen by thousands of users who may not even have heard of your business. There are numerous advertising options; the key feature is being able to target specific user demographics. We can choose from age, location, gender and thousands more. With traditional print advertising, 20,000 people may randomly pick up a magazine and skim past an advert, resulting in minimal engagement. With the same budget on Facebook, we can reach a significantly greater number of people, whilst ensuring these people fit your customer demographic. As a result, we achieve far higher engagement rates.