What do Instagram Stories mean for your business?


Our Instagram Stories likes and dislikes:

✔️ The ability to easily choose whose Story we watch

✔️Moves the game on for Instagram – video content is the future

✔️You can pause and restart videos

✔️Vidoes recorded in the last 24 hours can be uploaded

✖️Limited (current) video editing

✖️Self-recorded live video content can be poorer quality

✖️No way of scheduling content

Yesterday saw Instagram release Instagram Stories – their blatant copy of Snapchat Stories. Whilst some have embraced the new feature – and it works well – many are left pulling their hair out as yet another task is added to their social media strategy. Or has it? We feel that the addition of Stories has moved Instagram closer to Snapchat – a ‘live’ platform aimed at a younger demographic. For this purpose we have added a third audience to b2b (business to business) and b2c (business to consumer) – f2f. In this instance, ‘f’ stands for friends and/or family. Snapchat and Instagram work well for informing contacts what you are doing RIGHT NOW. Whilst this may work well for marketing celebrities or small creative companies, this form of advertising is not viable long term for the majority of businesses.

There are some businesses out there who have a young target demographic (teens – mid 20’s) and for them, Snapchat and Instagram are very effective tools. These guys are going to be very busy creating live content! We are very big on quality when it comes to content and often posting live has a negative effect on this. Most businesses benefit from taking a planned approach from their social media.