Facebook Advertising – How Much To Spend?

Facebook Advertising Budgets

Question: How much do I need to spend on Facebook advertising?

Answer: Less thank you might think.

Spending money on Facebook is something that most shy businesses shy away from. It’s a bit of an ‘unknown’. Whilst it is true that it can be relatively complex, it certainly does not have to cost the earth.

Over the course of 2018, we have been focussing on working with smaller local businesses that simply require someone to coordinate their marketing efforts. Google Ads, a half-finished website, no SEO on the half-finished website, keywords, Google Places, Analytics, Instagram… so many (important) boxes to tick but a tangled web of confusion for many.

We have been helping untangle that web and set small businesses on their way to a cohesive, coordinated and effective marketing strategy. As part of this, we have been, naturally, been working with much smaller budgets. Does that mean too small to achieve tangible results? Absolutely not!

The figures below, from two different clients, show what can be achieved from as little as £100 paid advertising spend per month. The budget is spread across several adverts throughout the month, leveraging custom audiences and website retargeting to achieve maximum results.

Note the engagement rates of 18% and 20% respectively!

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