Why you SHOULD NOT ‘buy’ Facebook likes

Buying Facebook likes is a very bad idea



We have recently noticed a resurgence in the number of companies who are buying Facebook likes. By this we mean paying a third party company to increase the number of likes on your business page by ‘X’ amount.

A few years ago we were asked about ‘buying likes’ on a regular basis – it was a new thing back then and people were curious about the legitimacy of doing this. Recently, it seems the race for likes is back on. We think this is due to the increasing importance/influence of larger online audiences combined with the increasing competitiveness on the social platforms.

Regardless, we cannot emphasise enough how BAD AN IDEA doing this is.


What happens when you buy likes?

When you buy likes from a company, they hand the task on to a ‘click farm’. A click farm is a group of individuals who are paid per like (usually around 1p/like). Their Facebook profiles are created for this sole purpose.

The result of this is that your valuable audience is significantly diluted by the Facebook profiles of individuals who are not interested in your business whatsoever. So, even though you have 20,000 likes your page’s engagement, and therefore organic reach, will plummet. We have seen companies who have built up an audience of 5,000 people – genuine happy customers – who receive an incredible amount of support from this relatively small audience. They have built this audience through regularly engaging their audience with great content and giving something back to them.

Nothing worth having in life is easy and building a large loyal social following is no different.


I have already purchased Facebook likes. Is there anything I can do to fix my Facebook business page?

Unfortunately, the only way to rectify this is to start a new page. There is no way of removing fake likes from a business page.


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